CSE 590u Ubiquitous Computing Seminar (Autumn '19)

This quarter we will read and discuss ubicomp-related papers.


Each week will feature one or two papers. Each seminar participant will be asigned as a discussion lead for one paper (responsible for selecting the paper(s) and reminding everyone to read it) and will also include an overview of selected related works. We will host papers on Google Drive and use it to faciliate discussion for the quarter. As you read the paper, place your comments directly on the document. We encourage you to respond to others comments as well. For access to our documents, email Parker.

Lunch will be served at 12:30. Paper discussions will start discussing at 12:40pm. We hope people come at 12:30 and socialize a bit before the discussion.


9/30 (CSE 503) Organizational Meeting
10/7 (CSE 503) UbiComp/IMWUT - (Jason, Parker)
10/14 (CSE 203) ISWC - (Anand, Matt)
10/21 (CSE 203) MobiCom - (Shirley, Richard)
10/28 (CSE 203) UIST - (Ishan, CJ)
11/4 (CSE 503) Sustainability - (Joe, Maruchi)
11/11 (CSE 203) No meeting (Veterans Day)
11/18 (CSE 203) MobiSys - (Jacob, Manuja)
11/25 (CSE 203) CHI - (Marissa, Xin)
12/2 (CSE 203) SenSys - (Raymond)