CSE 590u Ubiquitous Computing Seminar (Spring '17)

This quarter we will read and discuss papers from Ubicomp labs around the world.

Each week will feature a different lab and two people will be asigned as discuession leads (responsible for selecting the paper and reminding everyone to read it). We will be using NB to faciliate discussion for the quarter. As you read the paper, place your comments directly on the text. We encourage you to respond to others comments as well. For access to our NB site, email Eric.


  • A Ubicomp (or closely related) lab will will be selected each week. Discussion leads will choose a recent paper from the lab to highlight their work.
  • A pair of students will present an introduction about the lab and paper. This should include information about the PI, current PhD students, and notable alumni. In class they will lead a discussion about the paper. We will assign leaders at the first meeting.
  • Other students are expected to discuss the paper on NB as the read it by Sunday at noon so that the discussion leaders can curate all the responses before the meeting on Friday.
  • You are encouraged to read others' comments and critiques before the seminar.

Lunch will be served at noon. We will start discussing at 12:10pm. We hope people come at noon and socialize a bit before the discussion.


3/27 Organizational Meeting
4/3 Thad Starner - (Daniel and Jessie)
  • Creating Collar-sensed Motion Gestures for Dog-Human Communication in Service Applications (Valentin et al., ISWC'16)
    View on NB
4/10 Gregory Abowd - (Alex and Jake)
  • Play with Me - Measuring a Child's Engagement in a Social Interaction (Rajagopalan et al., IEEE FG'15)
    View on NB
4/17 Anind Dey - (Lilian and Ali)
  • PerCCS: Person-Count from Carbon dioxide using Sparse Non-negative Matrix Factorization (Basu et al., UbiComp'15)
    View on NB
4/24 Jen Mankoff - (Ravi and Elyas)
  • Air+Touch: Interweaving Touch & In-Air Gestures (Chen et al., UIST'14)
    View on NB
5/1 Tanzeem Chounhury Mankoff - (Ravi and Elyas)
  • Nutrilyzer: A Mobile System for Characterizing Liquid Food with Photoacoustic Effect (Rahman et al., SenSys'16)
    View on NB
5/8 Jun Rekimoto - (Eric and Farshid)
  • JackIn Head: Immersive Visual Telepresence System with Omnidirectional Wearable Camera (Kasahara et al., IEEE TVCG'17)
    View on NB
5/18 Mirco Musolesi - (Morelle and Edward) - Date change!
  • PrefMiner: Mining User's Preferences for Intelligent Mobile Notification Management (Mehrotra et al., UbiComp'16)
    View on NB
5/22 Dina Katabi - (Hanchuan and Elliot)
  • Emotion Recognition using Wireless Signals (Zhao et al., MobiCom'16)
    View on NB