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October 14th:

Hot, Flat and Crowded - Why We Need a Green Revolution - And How it Can Renew America by Thomas Friedman
Chapter 10 - The energy nternet: When IT Meets ET

October 21st:

Sustainable Interaction Design: Invention & Disposal, Renewal & Reuse
Eli Blevis, Indiana University at Bloomington

October 28th:

Leveraging Social Networks To Motivate Individuals to Reduce their Ecological Footprints

Jennifer Mankoff, et al CMU

November 4th:
The Effects of Videotape Modeling and Daily Feedback on Residential Electricity Conservation, Home Temperature and Humidity, Perceived Comfort, and Clothing Worn: Winter and Summer
Wineet, R. A. et al., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

November 11th:
A Behavioral Analysis of Peaking In Residential Electrical Energy Consumers
Kohlenberg, R. et al., University of Washington