CSE590S: System Seminar

Location: EEB 025
Time: 1:30 to 2:20 on Wednesdays

This quarter will be a mix of student presentations on their current research and student-led discussions on SOSP papers. For paper discussions, the paper will be posted a few days in advance, so everyone can have a chance to read the paper. No preparation is necessary for student presentations, just come and give feedback!


1/15: Danyang and Haichen. An Analysis of Facebook Photo Caching. SOSP 2013.

1/16 2:30pm in CSE 403: Talk on The Scalable Commutativity Rule, Austin Clements (MIT).

1/22: Adam Lerner. Detecting and Measuring Censorship on the Internet without Points-of-Presence.

1/29: Doug Woos. There is more consensus in Egalitarian parliaments. SOSP 2013.

2/5: Will Scott. Freedom: Censorship Resistant Web Apps.

2/12: Colin Scott. Troubleshooting SDN control software & CAP for Networks.

2/19: Jialin Li and Naveen Sharma. Tales of the Tail: Hardware, OS, and Application-level Sources of Tail Latency.

2/26: Umar Javed. Networking as a Service.

3/5: Simon Peter. The Operating System is the Control Plane.

3/12: Sophia Wang. NSDI Practice Talk.

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