CSE590S: System Seminar

Location: EEB 042
Time: 1:30pm on Wednesdays

October 3: Android physiology (Pete & Ray)
Google I/O talk
Jeff Chase's slides

October 10: Dalvik VM (Seungyeop & Katelin)
Google I/O talk
Gory details

October 17: QEMU/Binary translation (Karl/Raphael)
QEMU, a Fast and Portable Dynamic Translator
Binary Translation Using Peephole Superoptimizers

October 24: Industrial affiliates meeting (no seminar)

October 31: Gun Sirer (Cornell)

November 7: Android security (Tom Bergan/Qifan)
Study of Android application security
Analyzing inter-application communication in Android

November 14: Changhoon Kim (MSR): datacenter networking

November 28: Virtualization (Adriana & Jialin)
Cells: A Virtual Mobile Smartphone Architecture

December 5: Meddle (Ashwin)
Edward & Haichen: AppInsight: Mobile App Performance Monitoring in the Wild (OSDI 2012)