CSE590S: System Seminar

Time: Wednesdays at 1:30pm
Location: CSE 403

This quarter, we will be running a Shadow PC for SOSP 2009. Each week, we will discuss two papers. Students have to read one of the two papers (your choice of which one), and enter the reviews in the Shadow PC website. We will then discuss both the papers in class.

Bear in mind that the reviews you write will be sent to the authors (anonymously, of course). However, everyone on the PC will be able to see your reviews (unblind), barring conflicts.

April 1:
#60 Tolerating Hardware Device Failures in Software
#121 Cycles, cells and platters: An empirical analysis of hardware failures on a million commodity PCs

April 8:
#149 Better I/O Through Byte-Addressable, Persistent Memory
#37 Virtualizing Disk Performance for True Storage Performance Guarantees

April 15:
#138 ZooKeeper: Because building distributed systems is a zoo
#164 Experiences with CoralCDN: A Five-Year Operational View

April 22: NSDI

April 29:
#48 Prophecy: Using History for High-Throughput Fault Tolerance
#63 Operating Systems Transactions

May 6:
#104 A new OS architecture for heterogeneous multicore systems
#113 Autonomous storage management for personal devices with Pan

May 13:
#153 Debugging in the (Very) Large: Ten Years of Implementation and Experience
#163 Do You Have to Reproduce the Bug at the First Replay Attempt? -- PRES: Probabilistic Replay with Execution Sketching on Multiprocessors

May 20:
#67 Faster Web Browsing Using Speculative Execution
#125 Finding Performance Bugs in Systems Implementations Using Automated State Space Exploration

May 27:
#96 Hermes: exploiting social networks to optimize systems
#47 Approximate Matching for Peer-to-Peer Overlays with Cubit

June 3:
#92 ZZ and the Art of Practical BFT
#115 AnonSys: Enabling End Users to Detect Traffic Differentiation