CSE590SY: Systems Seminar, Winter 2006 Papers

Wednesdays at 1:30pm in EE1 042

01/11 Topic: Authentication                                        Presenting:   Eytan
Burrows, Abadi, Needham. A Logic of Authentication. SOSP, 1989.
01/18 Topic: Spyware                                                   Presenting:  Alex
Moshchuk, Bragin, Gribble, Levy. A Crawler-based Study of Spyware on the Web. NDSS'06.
01/25 Topic:  Trusted Computing                              Presenting:  Steve B.
Ross Anderson.  FAQ on Trusted Computing. 
02/01 Topic: Software Vulnerability Detection / Model Checking      Presenting: Marius
Chen, Dean, Wagner. Model Checking One Million Lines of C Code. NDSS, 2004.
02/08 Topic: Secure Network File Systems           Presenting: Mike
Mazieres et al. Separating key management from file system security. SOSP, 1999.
02/15 Topic:  RSA/RFID Security                               Presenting:  Harsha
Bono, Green, Stubblefield, Juels, Rubin, Szydlo. Security Analysis of a Cryptographically-Enabled RFID Device. USENIX 2005.
02/22 Topic: Distributed Security / Operating Systems Security      Presenting: Tanya
Rivest, Lampson. SDSI A Simple Distributed Security Infrastructure. MIT, 1996.
Ellison, Schneier. Ten Risks of PKI: What You're not Being Told about Public Key Infrastructure. Computer Security Journal, 2000.
03/01 Topic: Usability                                    Presenting: Colin
Whitten, Tygar. Why Johnny Can't Encrypt. USENIX, 1999.
03/08 Topic: Electronic Voting                    Presenting: Scott
Kohno, Stubblefield, Wallach, Rubin. Analysis of an Electronic Voting System. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2004.