Systems seminar (590S): Autumn 2005

Wednesdays at 1:30pm, in EE1 031

This quarter, we will be reading SOSP 2005 papers, as well as having a few talks from guest visitors.

sep 28.  organizational meeting

Oct 5 - Alex Moshchuk
Scalability, Fidelity and Containment in the Potemkin Virtual Honeyfarm.  Michael
Vrable, Justin Ma, Jay Chen, David Moore, Erik Vandekieft, Alex Snoeren, Geoff Voelker,
Stefan Savage (UCSD)

Oct 12 - Brian van Essen
Capturing, Indexing, Clustering, and Retrieving System History. Ira Cohen (HP Labs),
Moises Goldszmidt (HP Labs), Steve Zhang (Stanford University), Terence Kelly (HP Labs),
Armando Fox (Stanford), Julie Symons (HP Labs)

Oct 19 - Tanya Bragin
Detecting Past and Present Intrusions Through Vulnerability-Specific Predicates. Peter
Chen, Ashlesha Joshi, Sam King, George Dunlap (University of Michigan)

Oct 26

Nov 2 - Steven Balensiefer
Pioneer: Verifying Integrity and Guaranteeing Execution of Code on Legacy Platforms.
Arvind Seshadri, Mark Luk, Elaine Shi, Adrian Perrig (CMU), Leendert van Doorn (IBM),
Pradeep Khosla (CMU)

Nov 9
Guest talk by Jon Howell from Microsoft

Nov 16
Singularity Talk by  Galen Hunt from Microsoft

Nov 23
No seminar this week

Nov 30 -- Paul Gauthier
Labels and Event Processes in the Asbestos Operating System. Petros Efstathopoulos
(UCLA), Maxwell Krohn (MIT), Steve VanDeBogart (UCLA), Cliff Frey (MIT), David Ziegler
(MIT) , Eddie Kohler (UCLA), David Mazieres (NYU), M. Frans Kaashoek (MIT CSAIL), Robert
T. Morris (MIT CSAIL)

Dec 7 -- David Richardson
RaceTrack: Efficient Detection of Data Race Conditions via Adaptive Tracking. Yuan Yu,
Thomas Rodeheffer (Microsoft Research), Wei Chen (UC Berkeley)