Database Seminar

Organised by: Magda Balazinska

The Database Group meets on Mondays at 4.30 p.m. - 5.20 p.m. in CSE 405, Allen Center.

Upcoming talks are announced on uw-db@cs. Please sign up for the mailing list.


Date Presenter Talk Title
Jan. 8 (instead of 591d) N/A Week 1: (Paper vote and selection)
Jan. 11 Parmita and Shumo Week 2:
Jan. 25 Laurel and Ryan Week 3:
Feb. 1 Jingjing and Dylan
Week 4:
Feb. 8 Brandon H
Week 5:
Feb. 22 Cong Week 6:
Feb. 29 Prof. Jeff Heer (UW) Week 7: Guest lecture
Mar. 7 Shrainik and Maaz Week 8:
Mar. 14 Jenny and Srini Week 9:

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