CSE590Q: Database Seminar (Winter 2015)

Monday, 3:30-4:20, CSE 405

This quarter we will about work that spans data management systems and programming languages. In particular we will focus on papers that make use of application semantics to improve various aspects of data management systems. If you have any paper suggestions, please email them to Alvin.

  Date Paper(s) Link Slides Presenter
1 1/12/2015

Database usability 1

Gulwani et al, "NLyze: interactive programming by natural language for spreadsheet data analysis and manipulation,"
In SIGMOD 2014

  1/19/2015 Martin Luther King Day
2 1/26/2015

Database usability 2

Dimitriadou et al, "Explore-by-Example: An Automatic Query Steering Framework for Interactive Data Exploration,"
In SIGMOD 2014

    Laurel and Ryan
3 2/2/2015

(slide review for Wednesday)

4 2/9/2014

Using proofs in databases

Benedikt et al, "Generating Low-cost Plans from Proofs"
In PODS 2014

    Maaz and Srini
  2/16/2015 Presidents Day
5 2/23/2015

Program synthesis

Klonatos et al, "Automatic Synthesis of Out-of-Core Algorithms,"
In SIGMOD 2013

    Shumo and Brandon M.
6 3/2/2015

Paper discussion on upcoming visit

7 3/9/2015

Code generation

Klonatos et al, "Building Efficient Query Engines in a High-Level Language"
In PVLDB 2014

    Jingjing and Dominik