Database Seminar

Organised by: Magda Balazinska

The Database Group meets on Mondays at 3.30 p.m. - 4.20 p.m. in CSE 405, Allen Center.

Upcoming talks are announced on uw-db@cs. Please sign up for the mailing list.


Date Presenter Talk Title
Apr 06 Jeremy and Jenny Volcano (Cascades, Exodus)
Apr 13 Brendan Starburst (1, 2)
Apr 20 Maaz On Query Optimization
Apr 27 Ryan Shark Optimizer tech report (html, pdf)
May 04 Eric Spark SQL (Catalyst, Spark optimizer, Spark optimizer code)
May 11 Dominik, Shrainik SCOPE
May 18 Dominik EuroVis practice talk
May 22 Jingjing Coko-Kola
May 25 Brandon H., Laurel Iterative optimization
Jun 1 tbd tbd

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