Database Seminar

Organised by: Magda Balazinska

The Database Group meets on Mondays at 3.30pm-4.20pm in CSE 405, Allen Center.

This quarter we discuss papers from SIGMOD, 2012 and PODS, 2012.

Upcoming talks are announced on uw-db@cs. Please sign up for the mailing list.


Date Presenter Talk Title
Mar 26 Organisational meeting
Apr 2 Paris, Abhay EDBT/ICDT discussion
Apr 9 Prasang Optimizing Index for Taxonomy Keyword Search
Apr 13 Jingjing Calvin: Fast Distributed Transactions for Partitioned Database Systems
Apr 16 Chris Lintott Infrastructure for 600,000 scientists (NWDS talk)
Apr 23 YongChul Skew-Aware Automatic Database Partitioning in Shared-Nothing, Parallel OLTP Systems
Apr 30 Kristi Entity Augmentation and Attribute Discovery by Holistic Matching with Web Tables
May 7 Abhay Worst-case Optimal Join Algorithms
May 14 Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research Towards a Distributed Search Engine
May 14 Nodira Sample-Driven Schema Mapping
May 21 Emad Advanced Partitioning Techniques for Massively Distributed Computation
May 28 No meeting Memorial Day
Jun 5 Paris Efficient Approximation of Conjunction Queries


Feel free to send comments to Prasang.