CSE 590Q Database Seminar

Spring 2007: SIGMOD 2007

Magdalena Balazinska
Dan Suciu

Mondays 4:30 - 5:30pm,
CSE 605 Database Lab

Seminar Description

This quarter, the database seminar will go over SIGMOD and PODS 2007 papers. SIGMOD and PODS are both number one database conferences, so the papers are normally very interesting and high quality.

Each student participating in the seminar will have the opportunity to select and present the paper of their choice. Please let email Nodira to let her know when and what you will be presenting asap.


Day Topic(s) Presenter(s)
2 April 2007 Organizational Meeting Magdalena Balazinska
9 April 2007 Genome-scale Disk-based Suffix Tree Indexing Mike Cafarella
16 April 2007 Indexing Dataspaces Michael Gubanov
23 April 2007 Optimizing MPF Queries: Decision Support and Probabilistic Inference Chris Re
30 April 2007 From Complete to Incomplete Information and Back
Query Relaxation Using Malleable Schmemas
Raphael Hoffman
7 May 2007 Provenance Semirings Nodira Khoussainova
14 May 2007 Supporting Ranking and Clustering as Generalized Order-By and Group-By
Privacy, Accuracy, and Consistency Too: A Holistic Solution to Contingency Table Release
Yongchul Kwon
Vibhor Rastogi
21 May 2007 Leveraging aggregate constraints for deduplication Abhay Jha
28 May 2007 Memorial Day
04 June 2007 Real-life data management problems behind running Windows Live Deepak Patil (Microsoft)

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