General Paper reading

In this quarter, we are going to read papers in Database General Exam reading list.

Please pick your favorite(?) papers and time, send them to Nodira or YongChul.

Oct 8
Constraint Satisfaction and Database Theory: A Tutorial Nodira
Oct 15
Data Cube: A Relational Aggregation Operator Generalizing Group-By, Cross-Tab, and Sub-Totals Julie
Oct 22
Learning to Match the Schemas of Data Sources: A Multistrategy Approach Abhay
Oct 29
Nov 5

Data Management Issues in Supporting Large-Scale Web Services

Structured Data Meets the Web: A Few Observations

Nov 12
Veterans day
Nov 19
On the Propagation of Errors in the Size of Join Results Vibhor
Nov 26
Answering Queries Using Views: A Survey Marianne
Dec 3
TBD(Likely to be all three query optimizers paper...)

Here is a full list of candidate papers for this quarter.

Here is a full list of general paper set.

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