CSE 590DB: Database Seminar

Winter 2004: Approximate Queries in Databases

Alon Halevy, Dan Suciu
Mondays 4:30 - 5:20,
LOW 106


Day Readings Presenter
1/05 Introduction, overview and assignment of presenters. Dan Suciu
1/12 Adding relevance to the query answers analogous to the ranking in Information Retrieval

  • Goldman, Shivakumar, Venkatsubramanian, Garcia-Molina. Proximity Searches in Databases. VLDB, 1998.
  • Agrawal, Chaudhari, Das, Gionis. Automated Ranking of Database Query results. CIDR, 2003.
  • Chris
  • Stebbi
  • 1/19 Martin Luther King Day. No Class
    1/26 Keywords-based searches in relational databases

  • Hristidis, Papakonstantinou. DISCOVER: Keyword Search in Relational Databases. VLDB, 2002.
  • Theobald, Weikum. The Index-Based XXL Search Engine for Querying XML Data with Relevance Ranking. EDT, 2002.
  • Igor
  • Luna
  • 2/02 Approximate searches in XML data: The first paper talks about a rich semantic language for approximate querying.
    The second paper describes keyword searches in XML

  • Agrawal, Chaudhari, Das. DBExplorer: A System for Keyword-Based Search over Relational Databases. ICDE, 2002.
  • Guo, Shao, Botev, Shanmugasundaram. XRANK: Ranked Keyword Search over XML Documents. SIGMOD, 2003.
  • Michael
  • Jessica
  • 2/09 Database Models: Representating imprecision/uncertainity in databases

  • Fuhr, Rolleke. A Probabilistic Relational Algebra for Imprecision in Databases. TIS, 1997.
  • Gradel, Gurevich, HirschThe Complexity of Query Reliability. PODS, 1998.
    Only the first three pages (Upto Section 3)
  • Peter Mork
  • Luke
  • 2/16 Presidents Day. No Class
    2/23 Fuzzy Databases

  • Fagin. Fuzzy Queries in Multimedia Database Systems. PODS, 1998.
  • Ronald Fagin, Amnon Lotem, Moni Naor Optimal Aggregation Algorithms for Middleware. PODS, 2001.
    (There is also a more elaborate, journal version of this paper that appeared in JCSS, 2003)
  • Mike
  • Ashish
  • 3/01
  • W. Cohen. Integration of Heterogenous Databases Without Common Domain Using Queries Based on Textual Similarity.. SIGMOD, 1998.
  • Natural Language Interface to Queries
  • Bhushan
  • Ana Maria
  • 3/08
  • Efficiently Answering Queries on Probabilistic Databases
  • Nilesh Dalvi

  • Seminar Description

    The purpose of approximate queries is to allow users to obtain meaningful answers in cases where they cannot formulate precise queries. A variety of techniques have been proposed recently, such as proximity queries, keyword queries, and automated ranking of results. While all these techniques borrow ideas from information retrieval, the challenges in database queries are of a different nature, ranging from performance to semantics. We will discuss in this seminar some of the recent papers in this field.
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