590PD: Machine Learning and Data Mining

The 590PD seminar will focus on the research frontier in machine learning and data mining, with students presenting papers from recent conferences, and one or more guest speakers. The topics we will look at will have a non-null intersection with the following: 590PD will be held on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:50 in MEB 248. All are welcome to attend. You can subscribe to the 590PD mailing list by sending mail to majordomo@cs.washington.edu with the text "subscribe cse590pd" in the body. You can also view an online archive of the mailing list. For more information, contact Pedro Domingos.


Wednesday Paper/Topic Presenter
Jan 3 Organizational meeting Pedro Domingos
Jan 10 Overview of NIPS-2000 (slides) David Hsu
Jan 17 Learning probabilistic relational models (a longer but easier to read version is here) AnHai Doan
Jan 24 Extracting large-scale knowledge bases from the web (see also Scale-free characteristics of random networks: the topology of the world-wide web and Graph structure in the web) Matt Richardson
Jan 31 Probabilistic state-dependent grammars for plan recognition Tessa Lau
Feb 7 Active learning for parameter estimation in Bayesian networks David Grimes
Feb 14 Maximum entropy Markov models for information extraction and segmentation Corin Anderson
Feb 21 Constrained k-means clustering Paul Bradley
Feb 28 Social network models Martina Morris
Mar 7 Support vector machines Frank McSherry