CSE590P: Programming Systems

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We meet Wednesdays 3:30-4:20 in room EEB 045.

Winter 2011 schedule:

Jan 5
A Time-Aware Type System For Data-Race Protection and Guaranteed Initialization
by Nicholas Matsakis, Thomas R. Gross
in OOPSLA 2010
Presenter: Adrian
Jan 26
Pick Your Contexts Well: Understanding Object-Sensitivity (The Making of a Precise and Scalable Pointer Analysis) Y. Smaragdakis, M. Bravenboer, O. Lhotak. In POPL 2011.
Presenter: Emily, Kivanc
Feb 2
Points-to Analysis with Efficient Strong Updates. By Ondrej Lhotak, Kwok-Chiang Andrew Chung POPL 2011
Presenter: Laura, Daniel
Feb 9
EXOCHI: architecture and programming environment for a heterogeneous multi-core multithreaded system, Perry H. Want et. al, PLDI 07
Presenter: Hadi
Feb 16
On understanding data abstraction, revisited By William R. Cook In OOPSLA 2009
Presenter: Todd, Sai
Feb 23
Safe Non-Determinism in a Deterministic-by-Default Parallel Language, by Rob Bocchino, Stephen Heumann, Nina Honormand, Sarita V. Adve, Vikram S. Adve, Adam Welc, Tatiana Shpeisman POPL 2011
Presenter: Adrian, Tom
Mar 2
Evaluating the Accuracy of Java Profilers Todd Mytkowicz (University of Colorado, MSR), Amer Diwan (University of Colorado), Matthias Hauswirth (University of Lugano), Peter Sweeney (IBM Research). In PLDI 2010.
Presenter: Colin, Ben W.
Mar 9
SPUR: a trace-based JIT compiler for CIL By Michael Bebenita, Florian Brandner, Manuel Fahnrich, Francesco Logozzo, Wolfram Schulte, Nikolai Tillman, Herman Venter In OOPSLA 2010
Presenter: Brian, Ben L.