CSE590P: Programming Systems

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We meet Wednesdays 3:30-4:20 in room EEB 054.

Spring 2011 schedule:

Mar 30
The Essence of Compiling with Continuations, Flanagan, Sabry, Duba, Felleisen. PLDI'93.
Presenter: Brian Burg, Ben Lerner
Apr 6
Abstracting Abstract Machines, Van Horn and Might. In ICFP'10.
Presenter: Gilbert Bernstein
Apr 13
A Certified Framework for Compiling and Executing Garbage Collected Languages, Andrew McCreight, Tim Chevalier, Andrew Tolmac, In ICFP'10.
Presenter: Colin Gordon, Daniel Perelman
Apr 20
A Syntactic Approach to Type Soundness, Wright and Felleisen. Information and Computation.
Presenter: Charlie Garrett, Todd Schiller
Apr 27
Abstract Threads. Lahiri, Malkis, Qadeer. In VMCAI'10.
Presenter: Laura Effinger-Dean, Kivanc Muslu
May 4
Partial-Coherence Abstractions for Relaxed Memory Models. Michael Kuperstein, Martin Vechev and Eran Yahav. In PLDI'11.
Presenter: Adrian Sampson, Brandon Myers
May 11
LeakChaser: Helping Programmers Narrow Down Causes of Memory Leaks. Guoqing Xu, Mike Bond, Feng Qin, Atanas Rountev, In PLDI'11.
Presenter: Ben Wood
May 18
Cause Clue Clauses: Error Localization Using Maximum Satisfiablity, Manu Jose and Rupak Majumdar, In PLDI 11.
Presenter: Sai Zhang
May 25
No meeting (ICSE in Honolulu)
June 1
Improving Software Diagnosability via Log Enhancement. by Ding Yuan, Jing Zheng, Soyeon Park, Yuanyuan Zhou and Stefan Savage. In ASPLOS 2011
Presenter: Tom Bergen, Joe Devietti