CSE590P: Programming Systems Seminar

Spring 2010

Wednesdays 3:30–4:20 in EEB026

Date Paper Presenters
Mar 31 No regular meeting; attend Andrew Baumann colloquium
Apr 7 Organizational Meeting
Apr 14 Safe Programmable Speculative Parallelism PLDI'10
Prakash Prabhu, G. Ramalingam, Kapil Vaswani
Laura, Jonathan
Apr 21 Pacer: Proportional Detection of Data Races PLDI'10
Michael D. Bond, Katherine E. Coons, Kathryn S. McKinley
Joe, Ben W.
Apr 28 Lightweight Linear Types in System F° TLDI'10
Karl Mazurak, Jianzhou Zhao, Steve Zdancewic
Matt, Colin
May 5 Outside Speaker: David Grove, IBM Research In Gates Commons
The X10 Project: Towards Productive Programming of Concurrent and Distributed Systems
May 12 Implementing First-Class Polymorphic Delimited Continuations by a Type-Directed Selective CPS-Transform ICFP'09
Tiark Rompf, Ingo Maier, Martin Odersky
Tom, Michael
May 19 Outside Speaker: Jeremy Siek, University of Colorado In regular room (EEB 026)
The C++0X Concepts Effort
May 26 Breadcrumbs: Efficient Context Sensitivity for Dynamic Bug Detection Analyses PLDI'10
Michael D. Bond, Graham Z. Baker, and Samuel Z. Guyer
Ben Y., Sam
June 2 From Program Verification to Program Synthesis POPL'10
Saurabh Srivastava, Sumit Gulwani, Jeffrey S. Foster
Sigurd, Todd

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