CSE590P: Programming Systems Seminar

Meeting jointly with CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar

Spring 2008

Wednesdays 3:45-4:35 (note unusual time!)

Location: CSE 203

Mailing list: CSE590P@cs

Topics: Types and testing

This quarter, 590P/590N will read recent papers in two important and practical topics in programming languages and software engineering: types and testing. Each of the papers combines ideas from both research areas.

Date Paper Presenters
Jan. 7 Overview & Introduction Michael Ernst
Papers on types
Jan. 14 “Practical pluggable types for Java”
by Matthew M. Papi, Mahmood Ali, Telmo Luis Correa Jr., Jeff H. Perkins, and Michael D. Ernst.
In ISSTA 2008, pp. 201-212.
Abstract, PDF, PostScript, Papi thesis (PDF), Checker Framework implementation.
Jan. 21 “Object and reference immutability using Java generics”
by Yoav Zibin, Alex Potanin, Mahmood Ali, Shay Artzi, Adam Kieżun, and Michael D. Ernst.
In ESEC/FSE 2007, pp. 75-84.
Abstract, PDF, PostScript, IGJ implementation.
Jan. 28 “Inference of reference immutability”
by Jaime Quinonez, Matthew S. Tschantz, and Michael D. Ernst.
In ECOOP 2008, pp. 616-641.
Abstract, PDF, Quinonez thesis, Javarifier implementation.
Feb. 4 “A formal definition and evaluation of parameter immutability”
by Shay Artzi, Jaime Quinonez, Adam Kieżun, and Michael D. Ernst.
Automated Software Engineering, 2009.
Abstract, shorter conference version.
Feb. 11 “Refactoring for parameterizing Java classes”
by Adam Kieżun, Michael D. Ernst, Frank Tip, and Robert M. Fuhrer.
In ICSE'07, pp. 437-446.
Abstract, PDF.
Ben W.,
Papers on testing
Feb. 18 “Which warnings should I fix first?”
by Sunghun Kim and Michael D. Ernst.
In ESEC/FSE 2007, pp. 45-54.
Abstract, PDF.
Feb. 25 “ReCrash: Making software failures reproducible by preserving object states”
by Shay Artzi, Sunghun Kim, and Michael D. Ernst.
In ECOOP 2008, pp. 542-565.
Abstract, PDF, PostScript, ReCrash implementation.
Mar. 4 “Feedback-directed random test generation”
by Carlos Pacheco, Shuvendu K. Lahiri, Michael D. Ernst, and Thomas Ball.
In ICSE'07, pp. 75-84.
Abstract, PDF, Randoop implementation.
Ben Y.,
Mar. 11 “Finding bugs in dynamic web applications”
by Shay Artzi, Adam Kieżun, Julian Dolby, Frank Tip, Danny Dig, Amit Paradkar, and Michael D. Ernst.
In ISSTA 2008, pp. 261-272.
Abstract, PDF, PostScript.
Ben L.,