CSE590P: Programming Systems/Software Engineering Seminar

Wednesdays 3:30-4:20 in CSE403

This quarter, 590P will be a combination of 590P and 590N, surveying research at the intersection of programming languages and software engineering.

We will be focusing on the understanding, manipulation, analysis, and testing of program families. A program family arises from writing a program such that it runs differently in different environments. E.g., an email client may run on your desktop or your cellphone. It is effectively two programs (i.e., a family) being maintained in a unified source base.

Format: If possible, talks will be shorter than usual (30 min or so) and we will use the rest of the time for discussion. Presenters are encouraged to bring a list of pertinent questions to spark discussion. Participants are highly encouraged to read the papers in advance and bring questions.

Date Paper Presenters
Sep 26 Organization meeting
Oct 3 D. Parnas. On the design and development of program families. Kate, David and Marius
Oct 10 M. Krone and G. Snelting. On the Inference of Configuration Structures from Source Code. Laura and Steve
Oct 17 C. Yilmaz, M.B. Cohen and A.A. Porter. Covering Arrays for Efficient Fault Characterization in Complex Configuration Spaces. Anna, Jon H and Tayfun
Oct 24 Guest lecture Beat Fluri
Oct 31 M.B. Cohen, M.B. Dwyer and J. Shi. Interaction Testing of Highly-Configurable Systems in the Presence of Constraints. Charlie and Jonathan B
Nov 7 T. Reps, T. Ball, M. Das and J. Larus. The Use of Program Profiling for Software Maintanance with Applications to the Year 2000 Problem. Aaron, Joe and Miryung
Nov 14 R. Sosic and D. Abramson. Guard: a relative debugger. Matt and Sam
Nov 21 S. Horwitz and T. Reps. The Use of Program Dependence Graphs in Software Engineering.
(Updated November 14.)
Ben Y and Jacob
Nov 28 Guest lecture TBD
Dec 5 Brainstorming session (format TBD)