CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar

Winter 2006

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m., CSE 203

Topic: Recent papers in programming systems


Date Topic Presenter
Jan 4 Organization meeting  
Jan 11 A. Kennedy and C.V. Russo. Generalized Algebraic Data Types and Object-Oriented Programming. OOPSLA 2005. Ben L.
Jan 18 M. Abadi, M. Budiu, U. Erlingsson and J. Ligatti. Control-Flow Integrity. CCS 2005. Mike R.
Jan 25 A. Welc, S. Jagannathan and A. Hosking. Safe Futures for Java. OOPSLA 2005. Andrew P.
Feb 1 M.K. Prabhu and K. Olukotun. Using Thread-Level Speculation to Simplify Manual Parallelization. PPoPP 2003. Ben Y.
Feb 8 X. Leroy. Formal certification of a compiler back-end, or: programming a compiler with a proof assistant. POPL 2006. Marius
Feb 15 B. McCloskey, F. Zhou, D. Gay and E. Brewer. Autolocker: Synchronization Inference for Atomic Sections. POPL 2006. Charlie
Feb 22 S. Lahiri and S. Qadeer. Verifying properties of well-founded linked lists. POPL 2006. Anna G.
Mar 1 K.E. Gray, R.B. Findler and M. Flatt. Fine-Grained Interoperability through Mirrors and Contracts. OOPSLA 2005. Nathan
Mar 8 C. Flanagan. Hybrid Type Checking. POPL 2006. [Local PDF] ** Erika

** - subject to change

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