Programming Systems reading group

CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar, Winter 2004
Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m. CSE 203

Virtual types for flexible, evolvable software modules.


Date Topic Presenter
5 Jan POPL practice talk Sorin
12 Jan (POPL - no class) n/a
19 Jan

O. L. Madsen, B. Moller-Pedersen. Virtual classes: a powerful mechanism in object-oriented programming. OOPSLA'89.

Supplemental: Overview of the BETA programming language.

26 Jan K. B. Bruce, M. Odersky, P. Wadler. A Statically safe alternative to virtual types. ECOOP'98. Sorin
2 Feb

K. K. Thorup, M. Torgersen. Unifying genericity -- combining the benefits of virtual types and parameterized classes. ECOOP'99.

Supplemental 1: M. Torgersen. Virtual types are statically safe. FOOL'98.

Supplemental 2: M. Torgersen, C. Plesner Hansen, E. Ernst, P. von der Ah\'e, G. Bracha, N. Gafter. Adding wildcards to the Java programming language. SAC'04.

9 Feb A. Igarashi, B. C. Pierce. Foundations for virtual types. Information and Computation 175(1):34-49, 2002. Keunwoo
16 Feb Erik Ernst. Family Polymorphism. ECOOP'01. Mike
23 Feb

N. Nystrom, S. S. Chong, A. C. Myers. Scalable Extensibility via Nested Inheritance. OOPSLA'04.

Supplemental: E. Ernst. Higher-Order Hierarchies. ECOOP'03.

2 Mar

D. Remy, J. Vouillon. On the (un)reality of virtual types. Online manuscript in preparation, 2000. (online)

Supplemental: threads on caml mailing list: [1], [2].

9 Mar

M. Odersky, V. Cremet, C. R\"ockl, M. Zenger. A Nominal Theory of Objects with Dependent Types. ECOOP'03.

Supplemental 1: M. Odersky, M. Zenger. Scalable Component Abstractions. Manuscript in submission, Oct. 2004.

Supplemental 2: M. Odersky, P. Altherr, V. Cremet, B. Emir, S. Maneth, S. Micheloud, N. Mihaylov, M. Schinz, E. Stenman, and M. Zenger. An Overview of the Scala Programming Language. EPFL Technical Report IC/2004/64, 2004.


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