CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar

Spring 2005

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m., EE1 042

Topic: Language interoperability

The papers for the first 3 weeks are available at http://docs.msdnaa.net/ark_new/Webfiles/babel.htm.


Date Topic Presenter
March 30 Organization meeting  
April 6 A framework for interoperability
Kathleen Fisher (AT&T Labs, Research), Riccardo Pucella (Cornell University) and John Reppy (Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs)
April 13 No-Longer-Foreign: Teaching an ML compiler to speak C "natively"
Matthias Blume (Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs)
April 20 ILX: Extending the .NET Common IL for Functional Language Interoperability
Don Syme (Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
April 27 Safe and Principled Language Interoperation
Valery Trifonov and Zhong Shao
ESOP 1999
May 4 JNI Tutorial
May 11 Skim the following to get a rough idea of how COM works in practice: Then, read/skim the following: If you're curious about some aspect of the MIDL used in the above pages, then you can look it up in following reference: Keunwoo
May 18 LLVM Read the first link to get an overview of LLVM. Feel free to skim the second link; I'm going to borrow many of the slides for examples during the in-class discussion. Here is the LLVM project's publication page, in case you're interested in further reading: Andrew
May 25 The C-- language has changed considerably over the years, so there's no ideal overview paper. The most accessible overview is the garbage collection paper: I also recommend sections 1-4 of the exceptions paper. I think section 4 includes the best examples of how C-- supports different policies for run-time systems: For more information, you can check the C-- manual: João
June 1 Discussion Dave

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