CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar

Autumn 2005

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m., CSE 203

Topic: Recent papers in programming systems


Date Topic Presenter
Sept. 28 Organization meeting  
Oct. 5 Threads Cannot be Implemented as a Library (PLDI'05) (Tech Report version) BenY
Oct. 12 Source-level Debugging for Multiple Languages With Modest Programming Effort (CC'05) Erika
Oct. 19 Checking Type Safety of Foreign Function Calls (PLDI'05) Marius
Oct. 26 Composable Memory Transactions (PPoPP '05) Andrew
Nov. 2 Programming by Sketching for Bit-Streaming Programs (PLDI 2005) Charlie
Nov. 9 A Unified Theory of Garbage Collection (OOPSLA '04) BenL
Nov. 16 S. Goldsmith, R. O'Callahan, A. Aiken. Relational Queries Over Program Traces (OOPSLA'05) Keunwoo
Nov. 23 Matthew Hertz, Yi Feng, and Emery D. Berger. Garbage Collection without Paging (PLDI'05) MikeR+Nathan
Nov. 30 Chris Lattner and Vikram Adve. Automatic Pool Allocation: Improving Performance by Controlling Data Structure Layout in the Heap (PLDI '05) Sorin+Michael
Dec. 7 Guest speaker: Paolo Bientinesi Host: Larry Snyder

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