Programming Systems reading group

CSE 590 P: Programming Systems Seminar, Autumn 2004
Wednesdays, 3:30-4:20 p.m. EE1 031

Selected papers from FSE.

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Presenter
29 Sep Rhodium Sorin
6 Oct Symbolically Computing Most-Precise Abstract Operations for Shape Analysis Greta Yorsh
13 Oct Organizational Meeting
20 Oct Chaki, Groce, Strichman, Explaining Abstract Counterexamples (FSE'04) Keunwoo
27 Oct Manevich, et al, PSE: Explaining Program Failures via Postmortem Static Analysis (FSE'04) Charlie
3 Nov Perkins and Ernst, Efficient Incremental Algorithms for Dynamic Detection of Likely Invariants (FSE'04) Mike + Tobias
10 Nov Rinard, Salcianu, Bugrara, A Classification System and Analysis for Interactions in Aspect-Oriented Programs (FSE'04). Andrei
17 Nov Walker and Viggers, Implementing Protocols via Declarative Event Patterns (FSE'04) Sorin
1 Dec Zhang, Young, Lasseter, Refining Code-Design Mapping with Flow Analysis (FSE'04) Erika
8 Dec Symstra: A Framework for Generating Object-Oriented Unit Tests using Symbolic Execution Tao

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