CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar

We meet Monday, 3:30-4:20, in room CSE 203.

Winter 2012 schedule:

Jan 9
Specifying and Implementing Refactorings by Max Schaefer and Oege de Moor.
Presenter: Daniel Perelman
Jan 16
Martin Luther King Day: no meeting
Jan 23
Semistructured Merge: Rethinking Merge in Revision Control Systems by Sven Apel, Jorg Liebig, Benjamin Brandl, Christian Lengauer, and Christian Kastner.
Presenter: Brian Burg
Jan 30
Scenario-Based and Value-Based Specification Mining: Better Together by David Lo and Shahar Maoz.
Presenter: Ivan Beschastnikh
Feb 6
Automatic Fine-Grain Locking using Shape Properties by Guy Golan-Gueta, Nathan Bronson, Alex Aiken, G Ramalingam, Mooly Sagiv, and Eran Yahav.
Presenter: Colin Gordon
Feb 13
(video) Crossing the Chasm: Pitching Security Research to Mainstream Browser Vendors by Collin Jackson.
See also: Craig Chambers' keynote from ECOOP 2011
Presenter: Todd Schiller
Feb 20
Presidents' Day: no meeting
Feb 27
Automatic Partial Loop Summarization in Dynamic Test Generation by Patrice Godefroid and Daniel Luchaup.
Presenter: Sai Zhang
Mar 5
Assessing Programming Language Impact on Development and Maintenance: A Study on C and C++ by Pamela Bhattacharya and Iulian Neamtiu.
Presenter: Tom Bergan
Mar 12
Variability and Reproducibility in Software Engineering: A Study of Four Companies that Developed the Same System by Bente C.D. Anda, Dag I.K. Sjoberg, and Audris Mockus.
Presenter: Kivanc Muslu
A Practical Guide for Using Statistical Tests to Assess Randomized Algorithms in Software Engineering by Andrea Arcuriand Lionel Briand.
Systematic Editing: Generating Program Transformations from an Example by Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley.

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