CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar

We meet Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20, in room CSE 315.

Winter 2011 schedule:

Jan 4
Why most published research findings are false by John P. A. Ioannidis, PLoS Medicine, 2005. (PDF link is at upper right of the webpage)
The truth wears off, by Jonah Lehrer, The New Yorker, Dec 13, 2010
Presenter: Michael Ernst
Jan 11
ReAssert: Suggesting Repairs for Broken Unit Tests by Brett Daniel, Vilas Jagannath, Danny Dig, Darko Marinov. In ASE 2009
Presenter: Colin Gordon
Jan 18
Learning a Metric for Code Readability. By Buse and Weimer. In TSE 2009.
Presenter: Chris Bird
Jan 25
Looper: Lightweight Detection of Infinite Loops at Runtime by Jacob Burnim, Nicholas Jalbert, Christos Stergiou, Koushik Sen. In ASE 2009.
Presenter: Daniel Perelman
Feb 1
Information Needs in Collocated Software Development Teams by Andy Ko, Robert DeLine, Gena Venolia. In ICSE 2007.
Presenter: Brian Burg
Feb 8
AOP and its impact on software modularity by Adam Przybylek. In FASE 2011.
Presenter: Sai Zhang
Feb 15
Adaptive Random Test Case Prioritization by Bo Jiang, Zhenyu Zhang, W.k. Chan, T.h. Tse. In ASE 2009.
Presenter: Michael Ernst
Feb 22
Refactoring Java Programs for Flexible Locking, by Max Schäfer, Manu Sridharan, Julian Dolby, and Frank Tip. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Werner Dietl
Mar 1
An Empirical Investigation into the Role of Refactorings during Software Evolution, by Miryung Kim, Dongxiang Cai, and Sunghun Kim. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Todd Schiller
Mar 8
Detecting Software Modularity Violations, by Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai, Miryung Kim, and Michael Dalton. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Kivanc Muslu

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