CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar

We meet Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20, in room CSE 315.

Spring 2011 schedule:

Mar 29
Coalescing Executions for Fast Uncertainty Analysis by William Sumner, Tao Bao, Xiangyu Zhang, and Sunil Prabhakar. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Werner Dietl
Apr 5
Unifying Execution of Imperative and Declarative Code by Aleksandar Milicevic, Derek Rayside, Kuat Yessenov, and Daniel Jackson. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Brian Burg
Apr 12
Verifying Multi-threaded Software using SMT-based Context-Bounded Model Checking by Lucas Cordeiro and Bernd Fischer. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Sai Zhang
Apr 19
Taming Reflection: Aiding Static Analysis in the Presence of Reflection and Custom Class Loaders by Eric Bodden, Andreas Sewe, Jan Sinschek, Hela Oueslati, and Mira Mezini. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Todd Schiller
Apr 26
Inferring Better Contracts by Yi Wei, Carlo A. Furia, Nikolay Kazmin, and Bertrand Meyer. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Daniel Perelman
May 3
Run-Time Efficient Probabilistic Model Checking by Antonio Filieri, Carlo Ghezzi, and Giordano Tamburrelli. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Ivan Beschastnikh
May 10
Coverage-Guided Systematic Concurrency Testing by Chao Wang, Mahmoud Said, and Aarti Gupta. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Colin Gordon
May 17
Programs, Tests, and Oracles: The Foundations of Testing Revisited by Matt Staats, Michael W. Whalen, and Mats P.E. Heimdahl. In ICSE 2011.
Presenter: Chris Bird
May 24
No meeting (ICSE in Honolulu)
May 31
kb-Anonymity: A Model for Anonymized Behavior-Preserving Test and Debugging Data, by Aditya Budi, David Lo, Lingxiao Jiang, and Lucia. In PLDI '11.
Presenter: Kivanc Muslu

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