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 CSE590N: Software Engineering Seminar, Spring Quarter 2003
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Room and Time: EE1 026: Tuesdays, 1:30-2:20PM.

This quarter we will investigate some topics in Software Visualization.

DatePaper or TalkPresenters
1 April, 2003 Reengineering with Reflexion Models: A Case Study by Gail Murphy and David NotkinVibha Sazawal and David Notkin
8 April, 2003 Visualizing the Execution of Java Programs by Wim De Pauw, Erik Jensen, Nick Mitchell, Gary Sevitsky, John Vlissides, and Jeaha YangTao Xie
15 April, 2003 JaVis: A UML-Based Visualization and Debugging Environment for Concurrent Java Programs, by Katharina Mehner (Paper copy available on the 4th floor of Sieg Hall, on top of the cabinets) Albert Wong
22 April, 2003The Efficiency of a Low-Level Program Visualization Tool for Teaching Programming Concepts to Novice C Programmers (paper was emailed to 590n mailing list)Tammy VanDeGrift
29 April, 2003Visualizing Memory Graphs, by Thomas Zimmerman and Andreas ZellerWill Portnoy and Neil Spring
MONDAY, 5 May, 2003 from 11:00 to 12:00Talk by Albert Zuendorf, University of Paderborn, on FUJABA (From Uml to Java and Back Again), Sieg 322
13 May, 2003Talk by AJ Bernheim Brush, University of Washington, on Large-scale Information Visualization
20 May, 2003Visualizing Dynamic Software System Information through High-Level Models, by Robert Walker et. al.Janet Davis and Andrew Petersen
27 May, 2003Static Code Analysis Tools by AT&T, including Clustering ToolsMiryung Kim, Eric Lemar and Nitin Jain
3 June, 2003Cognitive Design Elements to Support the Construction of a Mental Model During Software Exploration, by Peggy Storey et. al. Vibha Sazawal and Jonathan Aldrich

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