590N Autumn Quarter 2003

DatePaperDiscussion Leaders
11/4"Tracking Down Software Bugs Using Automatic Anomaly Detection", by Sudheendra Hangal and Monica S. Lam, ICSE 2002 Vibha and Charlie
11/11No class -- Veteran's Day
11/18"A Framework for Reducing the Cost of Instrumented Code", by Matthew Arnold and Barbara G. Ryder, PLDI 2001Tammy and Alan
11/25"Bug Isolation via Remote Program Sampling", by Ben Liblit and Alex Aiken and Alice X. Zheng and Michael I. Jordan, PLDI 2003Sorin, Keunwoo, and Mark
12/2"Isolating cause-effect chains from computer programs", (delta debugging), Andreas Zeller, FSE 2002Kimmy and Andrew
12/9"Fault Localization with Nearest Neighbor Queries", by Renieris and Weiss, from ASE 2003. Will and Tao