CSE590L: Networks Seminar

Welcome to networks seminar (no longer students only!). We're meeting at 1:30pm Monday, CSE303

We'll be discussing papers from conferences like SIGCOMM, NSDI, Mobicom, HotNets, SOSP/OSDI, CoNEXT, Ubicomp, Sensys, and so on.

Papers will be suggested and scheduled via issues on this Github page. Please suggest a paper to present by creating a "New issue", and indicate your interest in existing proposals via comments. We recommend using the "Watch" button in the upper right corner of the page to receive notifications when people have proposed or commented on new papers.

Schedule (for most up-to-date information, check Github)

Date Leader Paper
1/11Paul & AnnaHerd: A Scalable, Traffic Analysis Resistant Anonymity Network for VoIP Systems (SIGCOMM '15)
1/25CancelledGood luck at the SIGCOMM deadline!
2/1SeungyeopBitcoin-NG: A Scalable Blockchain Protocol (NSDI '16)
2/8Naveen & AntoineCentral Control over Distributed Routing (SIGCOMM '15)
2/224 peopleHotNets Lighting Talks Day 1 - See Github for papers
2/29???Vote on GitHub
3/74 peopleHotNets Lightning Talks Day 2 - See GitHub for papers

Contact Ray (ryscheng@cs) or Anna (aksimpso@cs) if you have any questions.

General course information and links to pages for earlier quarters is here.

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