CSE590L: Networks Seminar

Welcome to networks seminar. We're meeting at 1:30pm Monday, CSE303

We'll be discussing papers from conferences like SIGCOMM, Mobicom, HotNets, OSDI, CoNEXT, Ubicomp, Sensys, and so on.

Date Leader Paper
9/29 Simon Peter Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane (OSDI '14)
10/6 Cancelled: OSDI / Eurosys deadline
10/13MattChroma: a wearable augmented-reality solution for color blindness (Ubicomp '14)
10/20AdamAnonymity on QuickSand: Using BGP to Compromise Tor (HotNets '14)
11/3HaichenSweet Little Lies: Fake Topologies for Flexible Routing (HotNets '14)
11/10SeungyeopManaging Redundant Content in Bandwidth Constrained Wireless Networks (CoNext '14)
11/17VincentThe Internet at the Speed of Light
11/24 Cancelled: Thanksgiving

Contact Seungyeop (syhan@cs) for papers or other information.

General course information and links to pages for earlier quarters is here.

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