Networks seminar (590L): Winter 2006

Mondays at 1:30pm, in EE1 042

In this quarter's 590L, we will focus on topics in wireless networks. As with past offerings of this course, the seminar will be primarily discussions of recent research papers written about the focus area.

No particular background is required. Non-computer science majors and undergraduates may (and are encouraged) to attend with permission of the instructors. CSE graduate students who wish to attend and participate in the discussions may register for 1 credit. Students who, in addition, wish to do a project may register for 3 credits with permission of the instructors.

Jan 9: organizational meeting and paper discussion.
Architecture and Evaluation of an Unplanned 802.11b Mesh Network

Presenter: Maya Rodrig

Jan 16: holiday

Jan 23:
Self-Management in Chaotic Wireless Deployments
Self Organization of Interfering 802.11 Wireless Access Networks
Presenter: Colin Dixon

Jan 30:
Practical Network Coding for Wireless Environments

Presenter: John P. John

Feb 6:
Improving Loss Resilience with Multi-Radio Diversity in Wireless Networks
Presenter: Tomas Isdal

Feb 13:
The Case for Heterogeneous Wireless MACs (background reading)
Z-MAC: a Hybrid MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks
SoftMAC-Flexible Wireless Research Platform
Presenter: Mike Piatek

Feb 20: holiday

Feb 27:
Slingshot: Deploying Stateful Services in Wireless Hotspots
Presenter: Charlie Reis

March 6:
Harsha Madhyastha's quals in 303