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 CSE 590nl: Computer Networks, Autumn 2003
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Wednesdays @ 11:30-12:20, EE1 031

This quarter we are running 590nl as shadow PC for NSDI. Each week, we'll pick one or two papers to discuss. Everyone in the class will submit a review of the paper at least 1 hour prior to the class meeting. We'll then discuss the papers' strengths and weaknesses, concluding with a vote on whether the paper should be accepted or rejected.

These papers are being used for the class with the authors' permission, and class participants are bound by the same responsibilities as regular reviewers; talk to the instructor if any of the outlined responsibilities are unclear. To preserve anonymity and confidentiality, paper distribution is restricted to those registered for the class. You may not discuss these papers with anyone who is not part of the class. Send email to tom[at] if you are registered for the class but don't have access to the shadow conference site.

The shadow conference site is here.

Paper Schedule
Date Paper #s
10/8 170, 176
10/15 31, 51
10/22 23, 86
10/29 44, 88
11/5 145, 159
11/12 55, 126
11/19 74, 93
11/26 106, 120
12/3 129, 138
12/10 157, 166

We will use the cse590nl@cs mailing list for announcements. Visit to subscribe. Since this is a public mailing list, do not discuss papers on this list. Read the archives for what you missed.

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