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 CSE 590nl: Computer Networks, Autumn 2002
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Wednesday 11:30-12:20 (EE1-003)

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Email jlnd at to sign up for a paper.

October 2

Organizational meeting

October 9
Mike Swift

D. Clark et al.
Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet.
SIGCOMM 2002. [pdf]

October 16
Stanley Kok

A. Akella et al.
Selfish Behavior and Stability of the Internet: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of TCP.
SIGCOMM 2002. [pdf]

October 23
Janet Davis

J. Feigenbaum et al.
A BGP-based Mechanism for Lowest-Cost Routing.
PODC 2002. [pdf]

October 30
Eric Lemar
Gang Zhao

M. Jain and C. Dovrolis.
End-to-end Available Bandwidth: Measurement Methodology, Dynamics, and Relation with TCP Throughput.
SIGCOMM 2002. [pdf]

November 6
Andy Collins

D. Andersen et al.
Topology Inference from BGP Routing Dynamics.
IMW 2002. [ps.gz]

V. Padmanabhan, L. Qiu, H. Wang.
Passive Network Tomography using Bayesian Inference.
IMW 2002. [pdf]

November 13
Anthony Joseph

Griffin: Towards an Agile, Predictive Infrastructure [abstract]

November 20
Krishna Gummadi
Maya Rodrig

G. Iannaccone et al.
Analysis of Link Failures in an IP Backbone.
IMW 2002. [pdf]

November 27
Valentin Razmov
Stefan Sigurdsson

X. Qie, R. Pang, and L. Peterson.
Defensive Programming: Using an Annotation Toolkit to Build DoS-Resistant Software.
OSDI 2002. [pdf]

December 4
Paul Barford


December 11
Mira Dontcheva

A. Venkataramani, R. Kokku, and M. Dahlin.
TCP Nice: A Mechanism for Background Transfers
OSDI 2002. [pdf]

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