CSE 590G Architecture Seminar

Winter 2016 — Monday, 12:30pm — CSE 203

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Date Discussion Leader Paper
Jan 4


Assign papers

Jan 11

Brandon Holt

Microarchitectural Implications of Event-driven Server-side Web Applications

Jan 18


No meeting (MLK Day)

Jan 25


The Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography

Feb 1

Paul Blinzer (AMD Research)

Updates in Heterogeneous computing: The Heterogeneous System Architecture, going beyond GPU compute.

Feb 8

Emily Furst and Cong

Fast Support for Unstructured Data Processing: the Unified Automata Processor

Feb 15


No meeting (Presidents' Day)

Feb 22

Bill Zorn and Eddie Yan

Probable cause: the deanonymizing effects of approximate DRAM

Feb 29

Liang Luo and Thierry Moreau

Neuromorphic Accelerators: A Comparison Between Neuroscience and Machine-Learning Approaches

Mar 7

Jim Youngquist

Always-on Vision Processing Unit for Mobile Applications

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