CSE 590G Architecture Seminar

Autumn 2016 — Monday, 12:30pm — CSE 503

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Date Discussion Leader Paper
Oct 3


Assign Papers

Oct 10


RedEye: Analog ConvNet Image Sensor Architecture for Continuous Mobile Vision

Oct 17

Emily and Liang

Biscuit: A Framework for Near-Data Processing of Big Data Workloads

Oct 24


GPU Register File Virtualization

Oct 31


Dynamo: Facebook's Data Center-Wide Power Management System

Nov 7


Neuronal energy consumption: biophysics, efficiency and evolution

Nov 14

Meghan and Dylan

Automatic Generation of Efficient Accelerators for Reconfigurable Hardware

Nov 21

Guest: David Wentzlaff

Processors for the Data Center and Cloud of the Future

Nov 28

Thierry and Nate

ASIC Clouds: Specializing the Datacenter

Dec 5

Vincent Lee and Eddie

A Cloud-Scale Acceleration Architecture


Paper Suggestions (probably ISCA 16 and a neuroscience one!)