CSE 590G Architecture Seminar

Spring 2015 — Monday, 12:30pm — CSE 303

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Date Discussion Leader Paper
Mar 30


Assign papers

Apr 6


Darkroom: Compiling High-Level Image Processing Code into Hardware Pipelines

Apr 13


DIABLO: A warehouse-scale computer network simulator on FPGAs

Apr 20

No meeting

Apr 27


High-Performance Fractal Coherence

May 4

Amrita & Brandon H

Sirius: An Open End-to-End Voice and Vision Personal Assistant and Its Implications for Future Warehouse Scale Computers

May 11

Mark W

BRAINIAC: Bringing Reliable Accuracy Into Neurally-Implemented Approximate Computing

May 18


HELIX-UP: relaxing program semantics to unleash parallelization

May 25

Memorial Day

Jun 1


A Practical Methodology for Measuring the Side-Channel Signal Available to the Attacker for Instruction-Level Events

Paper Suggestions

Papers we didn't pick last quarter