CSE 590G Architecture Seminar

Fall 2015 — Monday, 12:30pm — CSE 303

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Date Discussion Leader Paper
Oct 5


Assign papers

Oct 12

Carlo and Thierry

DjiNN and Tonic: DNN as a Service And Its Implications for Warehouse Scale Computers

Oct 19

Cong and Ming

Profiling a warehouse-scale computer

Oct 26

Emily and Whitney

Software Defined Batteries

Nov 2

Amrita and Armin

PolyMage: Automatic Optimization for Image Processing Pipelines

Nov 9

Eddie and Sung

The Load Slice Core Microarchitecture

Nov 16

Jared and Brandon Myers

Beyond the PDP-11: Architectural support for a memory-safe C abstract machine

Nov 23

James and Liang

COZ: Finding Code that Counts with Causal Profiling

Nov 30

Mark Wyse

Semantic locality and context-based prefetching using reinforcement learning

Dec 7

Brandon Holt and Vincent

Enhancing Mobile Apps To Use Sensor Hubs Without Programmer Effort

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