CSE 590g: Architecture Seminar

Winter 2014 — Mondays 12:30 PM — CSE 303

Date Discussion Leader Paper
January 6 Organization!
January 13 Brandon H
& Preston
"The von Neumann Architecture Is Due for Retirement." Aleksander Budzynowski and Gernot Heiser, NICTA and University of New South Wales. HotOS 2013.
January 20 Martin Luther King Day
January 27 Eric "Just-In-Time Software Pipelining." Hongbo Rong, Hyunchul Park, Youfeng Wu, and Cheng Wang. CGO 2014.
February 3 Ben R
& Katelin
"Kiln: Closing the Performance Gap Between Systems With and Without Persistence Support." Jishen Zhao (Penn State University), Sheng Li (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Doe Hyun Yoon (IBM), Yuan Xie (AMD Research/Penn State University), Norman P. Jouppi (Hewlett-Packard Labs). MICRO 2013.
February 10 Mark Z
& Vincent
"Use It Or Lose It: Wear-out and Lifetime in Future Chip Multiprocessors." Hyungjun Kim (Texas A&M University), Arseniy Vitkovskiy (Cyprus University of Technology), Paul V. Gratz (Texas A&M University), Vassos Soteriou (Cyprus University of Technology). MICRO 2013.
February 17 Presidents' Day
February 24 Pete
& Mark W
"Large-Reach Memory Management Unit Caches." Abhishek Bhattacharjee (Rutgers University) MICRO 2013.
March 3 Brandon M
& Thierry
& Andre?
"Quality programmable vector processors for approximate computing." Swagath Venkataramani, Vinay K. Chippa, Srimat T. Chakradhar, Kaushik Roy, and Anand Raghunathan. MICRO 2013.
March 10 Jacob
& Adrian
"Meet the Walkers: Accelerating Index Traversals for In-Memory Databases." Onur Kocberber (EPFL), Boris Grot (EPFL), Javier Picorel (EPFL), Babak Falsafi (EPFL), Kevin Lim (HP Labs), Parthasarathy Ranganathan (HP Labs). MICRO 2013.


MICRO 2013

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