CSE 590G Architecture Seminar

Autumn 2014 — Monday, 12:30pm — CSE 303

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Date Discussion Leader Paper
Sep 29


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Oct 6

Eric Reed and Brandon M

HELIX-RC: An Architecture-Compiler Co-Design for Automatic Parallelization of Irregular Programs (ISCA'14)

Oct 13

Vincent and Katelin

Willow: A User-Programmable SSD (OSDI'14)

Oct 20

Carlo and James

Towards Energy Proportionality for Large-Scale Latency-Critical Workloads (ISCA'14)

Oct 27

Abhishek Bhattacharjee (Rutgers)

Talk: Hardware support for virtual memory in next-generation heterogeneous manycore systems

Nov 3

Ras Bodik (Berkeley)

Talk: Synthesis-Aided Compilers

Nov 10

Brandon Holt and Eric Mackay

Flint: Fixing Linearizability Violations (OOPSLA'14)

Nov 17

Adrian and Amrita

The Mill CPU

Nov 24

Mark Z and Mark W

The CHERI capability model: Revisiting RISC in an age of risk (ISCA'14)

Dec 1

Jacob and Arushi

Efficient Digital Neurons for Large Scale Cortical Architectures (ISCA'14)