CSE 590g: Architecture Seminar

Fall 2013 — Mondays 12:30 PM — CSE 303

Date Discussion Leader Paper
Sep 30 Adrian Organization!
Oct 7 Ben and Old Eric "Language Support for Dynamic, Hierarchical Data Partitioning." Sean Treichler, Michael Bauer, and Alex Aiken. OOPSLA '13.
Oct 14
Columbus Day!
Katelin and New Eric "AC-DIMM: Associative Computing with STT-MRAM." Qing Guo, Xiaochen Guo, Ravi Patel, Engin Ipek, and Eby G. Friedman. ISCA 2013
Oct 21 Jacob, Vincent, and Mike "GiraphX: Parallel Yet Serializable Large-Scale Graph Processing." Serafettin Tasci and Murat Demirbas. EuroPar 2013.
"Naiad: A Timely Dataflow System." Derek G. Murray, Frank McSherry, Rebecca Isaacs, Michael Isard, Paul Barham, Martín Abadi. SOSP 2013.
NB: Naiad will also be discussed in 590s on 10/30.
Oct 28 Nate, Brandon H, and Thierry "Triggered Instructions: A Control Paradigm for Spatially-Programmed Architectures." Angshuman Parashar, Michael Pellauer, Michael Adler, Bushra Ahsan, Neal Crago, Daniel Lustig, Antonia Zhai, Mohit Gambhir, Aamer Jaleel, Vladimir Pavlov, Randy Allmon, Rachid Rayess, Stephen Maresh, and Joel Emer. ISCA 2013.
Nov 4 Kendall and Adrian "Continuous Real-World Inputs Can Open Up Alternative Accelerator Designs." Bilel Belhadj, Antoine Joubert, Zheng Li, Rodolphe Héliot, and Olivier Temam. ISCA 2013
Nov 11 Veterans' Day—no classes
Nov 18 Srilatha (Bobbie) Manne and Yasuko Eckert, AMD Managing Hot Chips… Literally
Nov 25 Wayne Wong, Nintendo Nintendo Wii U CPU
Dec 2 Doug Burger, MSR Title TBD


Papers in MICRO '13 are mostly not available yet (not even their abstracts). The camera-ready deadline is October 25: