CSE590G: Architecture Lunch

590g will be in 503 on Monday's at 12:30 - 1:30 unless otherwise noted

Jan 23rd Joe & Mark Idempotent Processor Architecture
Jan 27th Friday CSE 615 2pm - 3pm Jacob & Todd Bundled Execution of Recurring Traces for Energy-Efficient General Purpose Processing
Jan30th Special guest: Byn Choi DeNovo: Rethinking the Memory Hierarchy for Disciplined Parallelism
Feb 6th Hadi & Brandon H. Mementos: System Support for Long-Running Computation on RFID-Scale Devices
Feb 13th Adrian & Owen QsCores: Configurable Co-processors to Trade Dark Silicon for Energy Efficiency in a Scalable Manner
Feb 24th Friday CSE 303 2pm - 3pm Brandon L. & Ben Automatic Fine-Grain Locking using Shape Properties
Feb 27th Mike & Katelin Dataflow Execution of Sequential Imperative Programs on Multicore Architectures
Mar 5th Brandon M. & Nathaniel FabScalar: Composing Synthesizable RTL Designs of Arbitrary Cores within a Canonical Superscalar Template
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