CSE590G: Architecture Lunch

Wednesday, 12:30-1:30

Jan 3 Organizational Meeting
Jan 10Lucas Techniques for Multicore Thermal Management: Classification and New Exploration
Jan 17Martha Self-assembled circuit patterns
Jan 24Jacob An Autonomous Molecular Computer for Logical Control of Gene Expression
Bringing DNA Computers to Life
Jan 31Stephen Design of DNA origami
Feb 7Steve SODA: A Low-power Architecture for Software Radio
Feb 14Guest: Tomm Aldridge (Intel) "Energy Use in Enterprise Servers"
Bio and abstract to come
Feb 21Putnam An Analysis of Efficient Multi-Core Global Power Management Policies: Maximizing Performance for a Given Power Budget
Feb 28Ben The computational power of Benenson automata
Mar 7Petersen Approaches to developing biological H2-photoproducing organisms and processes (to be posted)
Photosynthesis as a power supply for (bio-)hydrogen production