Architecture Lunch: Autumn 2006

Tuesdays @ 12:30, CSE 203

Oct 3 Organizational Meeting
Oct 10Steve "Architectural Semantics for Transactional Memory" (Kozyrakis/Olukotun)
Oct 17Andy "Unbounded Page-Based Transactional Memory" (Calder)
Oct 24 (ASPLOS) Cancelled
Oct 31Ben "Hybrid Transactional Memory" (Nussbaum)
Nov 7Brian Quicksilver
Nov 14Rakesh "Core Architecture Optimization for Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors" (Kumar/Tullsen/Jouppi)
Nov 21Allan and Andrew "LogTM: Log-Based Transactional Memory" (Hill/Wood)
Nov 28Martha "A Spatial Path Scheduling Algorithm for EDGE Architectures" (Coons, McKinley)
Dec 5Lucas Application-Specific Customization of Parameterized FPGA Soft-Core Processors (Kumar/Tullsen)