Note room change: EE1 M406 Tuesdays 12:30 - 1:20


Date Presenter Paper
Oct 8th Patrick (ISCA2002) Slack: Maximizing Performance under Technology Constraints
by Brian Fields, Rastislav Bodik, Mark Hill
Oct 15th Mike (ASPLOS2002) Energy-Efficient Computing for Wildlife Tracking: Design Tradeoffs and Early Experiences with ZebraNet
by Philo Juang, Hide Oki, Yong Wang, Margaret Martonosi, Li-Shiuan Peh, Daniel Rubenstein
Oct 22nd Andrew (ASPLOS2002) Programming language optimizations for modular router configurations
by Eddie Kohler, Robert Morris, Benjie Chen
Oct 29th Rick (ISCA2002) Transient-Fault Recovery Using Simultaneous Multithreading
by T. N. Vijaykumar, Irith Pomeranz, Karl K. Cheng
Nov 5th Chris (ASPLOS2002) A Stateless, Content-Directed Data Prefetching Mechanism
by Robert Cooksey, Stephan Jourdan, Dirk Grunwald
Nov 12th Dmitriy (ISCA2002) The Optimal Useful Logic Depth Per Pipeline Stage is 6-8 FO4
by M.S. Hrishikesh , Norman P. Jouppi , Keith I. Farkas , Doug Burger , Stephen W. Keckler, Premkishore Shivakumar
Nov 19th Evin (ISCA2002) Detailed Design and Evaluation of Redundant Multithreading Alternatives
by Shubhendu S. Mukherjee, Michael Kontz, Steven K. Reinhardt
Nov 26th Douglas (ASPLOS2002) Queue Pair IP: A Hybrid Architecture for System Area Networks
by Philip Buonadonna , David Culler
Dec 3rd Luke (ASPLOS2002) Automatically Characterizing Large Scale Program Behavior
by Timothy Sherwood, Erez Perelman, Greg Hamerly, Brad Calder
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