CSE590F: Computing and the Developing World Seminar

This quarter we reading 'How Would You Like to Pay?: How Technoglogy Is Changing the Future of Money' by Bill Maurer. A complete list of chapters from the book can be found through the UW Library and are linked below.

The seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30 in CSE 203.


WeekDateDiscussion LeadersPaper
1March 27 --------- Planning and organization
2April 3 Fahad
3April 10 Jared
4April 17 Steve Hollingworth Chat: Grameen foundation and DFS
5April 24 Trevor
6May 1 Philip Chpt 7: Electronic value exchange: origins of the VISA electronic payment system David L. Stearns (PDF) (Full book at UW Library)
7May 8 Matt Blockchain and Property in 2018: The End of the Beginning p. 1-15, 43-47 (PDF)
8May 15 Aditya Design Within a Patriarchal Society Sultana et. al (PDF)
9May 22 Trevor Understanding the Use and Impact of the Zero-Rated Free basics Platform in South Africa Julianne Romanosky snd Marshini Chetty (PDF)
10 May 27 Naveena Prayana: Intermediate Financial Management in Resource-Constrained Settings Apury Mehra et al. (PDF)


  1. Introduction
  2. Disruptions in Money
  3. What Is Money?
  4. A Day in the Money Life
  5. The Evolution of Money
  6. Use Cases for Money
  7. What's in Your Wallet?
  8. What Can You Do with a Mobile Phone?
  9. Airtime
  10. Monetary Repertoires