CSE590F: Computing and the Developing World Seminar

The topic for this quarter will be on the evaluation of ICTD interventions. We will read papers from the ICTD, HCI, and Development Economics literature.

The seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30 in CSE 203.


Date Paper Discussion Leader
Jan 8 DEV  
Jan 15 MultiLearn Trevor Perrier
Jan 22 Awaaz de voice evaluation Nicki Dell
Jan 29 Local Ground Camille Cobb
Feb 5 Digital Green Carolyn Higgins
Feb 12 Divided We Call Adam Rule
Feb 19 Digital and Other Poverties Fahad Pervaiz
Feb 26 Dev 2013 Traffic paper Lilian de Greef
Mar 5 PartoPen Rohit Chaudhri
Mar 12 Waylon Brunette REMEDYING EDUCATION