CSE590F: Computing and the Developing World Seminar

The topic for this quarter will be computing and global health. We will read papers from the health literature that assess various technologies or provide background in global health.

The seminar meets Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30 in CSE 203.


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DatePaperDiscussion Leader
Sept 25Organizational MeetingRichard Anderson
Oct 2Howitt Survey, Part 1Rohit Chaudhri
Oct 9Howitt Survey, Part 2Ted McCarthy
Oct 16Malaria RDTs: Counihan, HarveyNicki Dell
Oct 23Behavior Change for Newborn SurvivalCarolyn Higgins
Oct 30Notifications for ART AdherenceTrevor Perrier
Nov 6Diabetes RemindersMarisol Silva
Nov 13Barriers to the acceptance of PDAs and Participant and Interviewer Attitudes toward PDAsBrian Walker
Nov 20Using Web Search to Monitor Dengue TrendsFahad Pervaiz
Nov 27Understanding Health Information NeedsElly Krumwiede
Dev 4EMR for HIV care in HaitiLauren Milne